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Feel better with holistic therapies available here at the Colonic Institute. You'll love this place.

“Michelle and Nina provide an amazing service for anyone’s health and vitality. I have been coming to The Colonic Institute for a year now and notice a great improvement in my overall digestion. Not only are Michelle and Nina professional and knowledgeable in their line of work, they are also very kind women and are accommodating to their customers. I am grateful to have found their business.” - Kathryn



Colon Hydrotherapy CT
Our Institute employs only Certified Colon Hydrotherapy practitioners who use state of the art, gentle, pressurized deep cleansing equipment that will eliminate blockages, improve digestion and absorption leading to better overall health.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing throughout the entire body.



Native American Ear Coning

This technique allows heat to gently warm the ear canal and extract the ear wax buildup deep within causing pressure and congestion.

B.E.F.E. Foot Bath

Drain years of build up through the soles of the feet. Learn about this technology and how it can rapidly aid in reducing pain and inflammation.

Now offering Bioelectric Lymphatic Drainage!

We’re the pioneers of Colonics in CT

Establishing one of the first practices centered on colon hydrotherapy in Central Connecticut, I-ACT certified, 20 years hands on experience!

The Colonic Institute is committed to helping spread awareness to the community about the importance of a healthy colon and living a more vibrant, positive and balanced lifestyle. We work in conjunction with many Holistic Healers, Naturopathic Doctors, MD’s, and Chiropractors to help our clients achieve optimum health. The main belief is that health and vitality begins with a healthy colon and proper diet.


"I’ve been dealing with intestinal and sibo issues and for most of my life. Since I started going to colonic institute it has created tremendous relief. Very therapeutic and cleansing. Michelle and Nina are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.. highly recommend." - Michael G

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Stuffed Mushrooms with Sunflower Seed Sage and Rosemary Cream

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