B.E.F.E. Foot Bath

**Due to a high sensitivity most of our clients experience we ask that you avoid wearing perfumes to your sessions.

The Bio-Electric Field Enhancer unit, or BEFE unit, is designed as a therapeutic aid for pain and rapid healing. The unit re-balances the body’s energy meridians via magnetic fields, which permeates through the water and is directly absorbed by the body. It works to release the toxins and foreign material trapped beneath the dermal layers of the skin. By placing your feet into the footbath (provided in the comfort and serenity of our office), the system delivers a bio-charge to your body’s own frequency, which gives you a natural boost of energy. At the same time you “recharge your battery”, the BEFE system allows your body to release and discharge toxins and pollutants that have been trapped on a cellular level. The water literally becomes discolored with the “Toxic Sludge”. You won’t believe your eyes!

The unit has fantastic results when used in the treatment of arthritic pain, burns, headaches, toothaches and swelling of any kind. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, you will still benefit form this system of detoxing. When our bodies get run down or overworked they become low on energy. With the BEFE unit it is possible to give your body an energy boost, much the same as recharging a car battery.

Some benefits you can expect from the BEFE unit include: Increased vitality, balanced meridians, pain relief, blood revitalization, faster recovery time, stress relief, reduced heavy metals (including mercury), adjust metabolism, reduced varicose veins, fluid retention, swelling, inflammation, better sleeping patterns and improved kidney and liver functions. No drugs, no lifestyle changes, no problems. This progressive treatment is only offered in a few exclusive detox centers nationwide, and we are proud to offer it at our Institute.

Single Session: $85
Series of 6: $450 ($60 Savings)
Combined with Colonic or Lymphatic Drainage: $80 ($5 Savings)


B.E.F.E. Foot Bath


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"I have been getting foot detox baths on and off since 2012. Lately I have been getting them for gallbladder issues, which helps so much. Another added bonus - my joints don't ache for weeks!!! Everyone can benefit from foot detox baths!" - Liz K

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