Greetings and welcome to the Colonic Institute

The Colonic Institute is committed to helping spread awareness to the community about the importance of a healthy colon and living a more vibrant, positive and balanced lifestyle. We work in conjunction with many Holistic Healers, Naturopathic Doctors, MD’s, and Chiropractors to help our clients achieve optimum health. The main belief is that health and vitality begins with a healthy colon and proper diet.

We strive to teach our clients about eating a more alkaline diet, and a diet rich fresh fruits and veggies. We help them to explore their relationship with food and make them more knowledgeable about how the foods that we eat can act like “medicine” rather than “poison.”

We believe in helping our clients lead a more balanced life and teach the importance of eating whole foods and the power of proper colon health as a powerful tool to leading a healthy & vibrant life. At the Colonic Institute we hope to inspire people with our intense passion for what we do and teach people never to take ones health for granted. We practice with complete love and compassion, and in return receive the greatest gift in life—helping people heal, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The tasteful décor, serene environment and nurturing care of our staff, all combine to make a truly pleasurable experience.

Our attention to detail, nurturing ambience and over 20 years of hand on experience is what set us apart. Our wonderful staff is all female and licensed by I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists). We uphold the highest standards in our practice and use the most technologically advanced FDA equipment available in the US. The “Toxygen” system utilizes a triple filtration system, carbon, and UV filter, as well as disposable tubing to assure proper sanitation for our clients. The “Pressurized – Closed System” guarantees that every session is 100% odorless. Our therapists are trained with a “slow-fill” technique that maximizes the comfort of the client, while achieving outstanding results.

Our Practitioners



Michelle Sutton

In 2001 Ami Beach, owner and founder of The Colonic Institute and reputable Detox Diva invited Michelle to join her team of colon hydrotherapy practitioners and to become a part of Ami’s mission to help heal people through the digestive system; the idea to Michelle at first seemed a curious one. However, shortly after her studies began a world of healing awakened that Michelle hadn’t quite expected.

Since then Michelle has purchased the business and hopes to take it to a whole new level as The Colonic Institute becomes more than just a place for people to go to eliminate the toxic waste that their bodies store. Michelle hopes to make the Colonic Institute a place where her clients can learn a better way to live by choosing to make cleansing their bodies a part of their lives, to consciously eat as well as they can and to create a life of beauty, vibrant health and peaceful living.

Michelle Sutton has been practicing full time as an I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapy) since 2001 when she began to work along side of Ami Beach at The CIWH. Michelle is also the owner of Devi Yoga Shala, an in-home yoga studio in New Hartford, CT, where she is humbled to practice yoga and meditation with her beloved and dedicated community. Healing and healthy eating has always been a passion for Michelle. She is convinced that due to the healthy lifestyle she has chosen to live by she is able enjoy a vibrant, radiant body filled with love, light and an abundance of peaceful energy.

Eating a vegan diet, LOTS OF RAW COLORFUL foods and living a yogic lifestyle to enhance her energy, even as she moves into her later 50’s she is “off the charts healthy” say Dr. Pouliot ND, after seeing the results of her last blood work. Michelle gives with an open heart 100% to each of her clients to help them on their paths of taking responsibility for their health, creating a healthier foundation to heal from and a source of knowledge to refer to. Michelle’s mission here at The Colonic Institute is dedicated to helping her clients achieve the health we each deserve.



Nina Veronesi

Nina Veronesi began her journey into the alternative health field in 2013 when she joined The Graduate Institute’s Integrative Health & Healing program in Bethany, CT after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Saint Joseph University in West Hartford, CT. After experiencing the benefits of colon hydrotherapy over the past ten years, she trained with Beverley Blass to become I-ACT Foundation Level 1 Certified. During her time studying at The Graduate Institute, Nina acquired Reiki Level 3 Certification from Nikki Sleath in Collinsville, CT and a Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapy Certificate from John Odlum in West Hartford, CT. In the spring of 2017, she briefly moved to Los Angeles and earned her I-ACT Intermediate Level certification in colon therapy at The Gentle Wellness Center in Santa Monica. She also acquired training in lymphatic drainage from Stephanie Kato while working at Iyasu in West Lost Angeles. Nina has a passion for nutrition and helping others, and is excited to return to The Colonic Institute to assist those on their journey to optimal health.



Rio Elena

Rio is an intuitive healer, who is committed to helping others. As a certified Usui Reiki Master and clinical hypnotherapist, it is Rio’s goal to continue to promote wellness and transformation, through a variety of healing modalities. Rio infuses every session with a deep sense of love and care, which is essential to the transformation and healing clients are seeking. Rio is also a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to assist those struggling with anxiety and depression and she graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work with a Master’s in Social Work in 2013.

Reiki is a Japanese healing arts modality that provides energy healing at a subtle level and is becoming more recognized as a powerful complimentary or stand-alone technique, encouraging emotional and physical healing. As a Reiki Master, Rio provides deep healing sessions, beautifully infused with sound vibration therapy, with chimes, crystal and bronze singing bowls, gong, ocean drums, bells, buffalo drum, tuning forks, rattles, and voice.

Rio became certified as a clinical hypnotherapist by the American School of Hypnosis and American International Association in 2022. Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality that works with the subconscious part of the mind to incite real and lasting change. It can be used for a variety of issues, such as: self-worth, smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, wellness, attracting love and wealth, and so much more!

Rio also utilizes the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which is a unique hypnosis technique perfected by the late Dolores Cannon. As a level 1 QHHT practitioner, we can do a past life regression and from the deep somnambulistic level of trance, we can then also access the subconscious, to resolve any physical, emotional, or spiritual issues

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