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Browse our wide range of holistic services offered in our intimate West Hartford, CT office to help you relax, re-balance and detox your body!

New & Returning Clients : The first step to booking an appointment for any of our services is to give us a call and speak with a therapist.

**Due to a high sensitivity most of our clients experience we ask that you avoid wearing perfumes to your sessions.

Health & Wellness Packages

NEW! Lets' Talk about Diet: 1 hour $100 Want to dive deeper into understanding how to live a healthy and balanced life using a plant based diet? Not sure what is the best way to eat or how to start? Want to start to feel better, reduce anxiety, improve skin, sleep better and improve your energy? Want to live with an overall sense of peace?

This service will include an overall look into your diet, information about plant based eating and how it helps the body, meal planning and supplement and herbal recommendations. Lets talk!

This service is offered as an office visit, Zoom or Phone Conference.

Shanti: $250 (Save $60) Deeply powerful & purifying but gentle this package includes one session each of the following: Ionic Foot Bath, Chi Oxygenating Machine, Bio Mat Amethyst Bed and Colon Hydrotherapy.

Karuna: $335 (Save $65) This package focuses on shifting your body back into a parasympathetic state and clearing out the colon and the lymph. Includes one session of each of the following: Ionic Detox Footbath, 1 hour of Bioelectric Lymphatic Drainage, Colonic, and 30-minute Biomat Session.

Bhakti: $300 (Save $25) This package is about clearing the body, mind and soul from head to toe. Package includes one session each of: Native American Ear Coning, Reiki, Colon Hydrotherapy and Bio Mat Amethyst.

Belly Bliss: $235 (save 15) Treat your belly to our signature castor oil pack/abdominal massage and FIR mineral lamp while you bliss out on our Amethyst bed of crystals. Includes: A castor oil pack/abdominal massage, FIR Lamp, Colon Hydrotherapy and Bio Mat session.

The Mystic Are you feeling stressed? Add 30 minutes of Reiki prior to your colonic treatment to add just enough loving energy to restore and nourish yourself. This package creates the perfect balance of relaxation and healing work. price~ Initial consultation with colon therapy treatment plus reiki $260 or colon therapy with reiki (client price) $215.

Sweet Surrender Series of 6 treatments, Alternate your cleanses with monthly treatments. 3 colon therapy treatments and 3 lymphatic drainage sessions alternating your treatments. $770.

All packages must be prepaid to receive discounted pricing and must be used within the expiration period to be valid. Packages of 3 colonics have 3 months expiration- Packages of 6 or 10 colonics have 6 months expiration and 15 colonics have one year to complete from the date of purchase. All other packages have 3 months expiration and require a 48 hour cancellation period. The maximum benefits from doing Colon Hydrotherapy is achieved when the treatments are booked in a sequence with more closely together. Please discuss with your therapist the best way to set up the series of treatments to ensure the greatest results and optimal healing process. Thank you and we look forward to assisting you on the road to total wellness and supreme vitality.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Download Colonic Intake Form

Colon Hydrotherapy (aka Colonic, colon cleansing, colonic irrigation) is the process of cleaning the colon with gentle infusion of warm, filtered water into and out of the rectum and large intestines without the use of drugs or chemicals. Unlike an enema, it does not involve the retention for water. There is no discomfort- just a steady flow in and out. Please read a complete explanation on our COLON HYDROTHERAPY PAGE

Initial Health Consultation and Colon Hydroptherapy Treatment ~ $200 Your first colon therapy treatment at The Colonic Institute is a 90 Minute appointment. The first half hour includes time for you to meet with your therapist and share issues regarding your digestion or ways for helping you reach your goal of renewing your health and wellbeing. Your therapist will take time to give a thorough explanation of your treatment and will take time to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment. We will also have your intake forms reviewed by a Naturopathic doctor for approval (as deemed necessary according to regulations under the State of Connecticut).

After your consultation you will be receiving your colonic treatment, lasting from 30-45 minutes.

When you are done we will give you our feedback on what we might recommend in order for you to achieve your goal. In many cases a series of colonics is a very popular approach to allowing the body to gently detox over time much of what's built up in the colon.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions: (Only available to current customers that have had the initial consultation)

  • Colon Hydrotherapy Repeat Session: $155
  • Series of 3 Colonics $410 ($55 savings/3 month expiration)
  • Series of 6 Colonics: $770 ($160 savings/ 6 month expiration)
  • Series of 10 Colonics: $1,250 ($250 savings/ 1 year expiration)
  • Needing a longer session? Add 15 minutes more on the table for a 60 minute session for $20.

According to Connecticut State Regulations a Naturopathic doctor must review your client intake forms to approve your colon therapy treatment . $30 fee is good for up to 1 year.

The Mystic Are you feeling stressed? Add 30 minutes of Reiki prior to your colonic treatment to add just enough loving energy to restore and nourish yourself. Benefits of Reiki are multidimensional, meaning the benefits can affect deeper levels of your awareness then what you are typically aware of. Deeper emotional and stress energy can lay dormant in the energy body creating blockages that may be causing further stress in your body and/or your life. This service will help aid in your bodies natural healing processes intuitively preparing your body to release what is no longer serving you. This package creates the perfect balance of relaxation and healing work. price~ Initial consultation with colon therapy treatment plus reiki $260, repeat session $215.

Add manual lymphatic massage throughout your colon therapy treatment for increased circulation of the lymph to increase production of toxic matter as well as aiding in increased relaxation throughout your colon therapy service. 30 minute lymphatic fringe using annual and light wand followed by colon therapy with manual drainage throughout your colonic treatment $80 added to cost of colon therapy.

Sweet Surrender Series of 6 treatments, Alternate your cleanses with monthly treatments. 3 colon therapy treatments and 3 lymphatic drainage sessions alternating your treatments. $770.

Lymphatic Drainage

BELD, the most recent advancement in Lymphatic Drainage technology, emits energetic information to the cells via harmonic sounds, frequencies of light and Noble Gas Ionization. This assists in the removal of toxins, poisons and trapped proteins, and other waste products and toxins by slowly and safely moving them out through normal channels. For more information on Lymphatic Drainage please see our Lymphatic Drainage Page.

  • Inspiration Lymphatic Drainage: 60 minute treatment $130
  • 30 Minutes of Lymphatic Treatment added to Colon Therapy: $80
  • Combine Ionic Footbath with 60 minute Lymphatic Drainage $175
  • Series of 4 60 minute Lymphatic Drainage sessions: $480 ($40 Savings/3 month expiration)
  • Series of 6 60 minute Lymphatic Drainage sessions: $690 ($90Savings/6 month expiration)
  • Series of 12 60 minute Lymphatic Drainage sessions: $1320 ($240 Savings/12 month expiration)

B.E.F.E. Detox Foot Bath

The Bio-Electric Field Enhancer unit, or BEFE unit, is designed as a therapeutic aid for pain and rapid healing. It has fantastic results when used in the treatment of arthritic pain, burns, headaches, toothaches and swelling of any kind. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, you will still benefit form this system of detoxing. When our bodies get run down or overworked they become low on energy. With the BEFE unit it is possible to give your body an energy boost, much the same as recharging a car battery. No drugs, no lifestyle changes, no problems. This progressive treatment is only offered in a few exclusive detox centers nationwide, and we are proud to offer it at our Institute. For more information see our B.E.F.E. DETOX FOOT BATH PAGE.

As part of the Initial Consultation: $50 ($45 savings)
Detox Footbath: $85
Jai Jai Jai Foot Bliss: $95 Includes aromatherapy, acupressure mat, salt scrub and Ionic Foot detox.
Combined with Colonic or  Lymphatic Drainage $80

Castor Oil Remedy with F.I.M.

The use of castor oil is one of the most well documented and proven of the Edgar Cayce therapies and offers profound and astonishing results. Its use directly over the abdomen and large intestines is both soothing and healing as it magnifies healing light straight into vital organs and promotes gentle detoxification, alleviation of gas, mobilization of toxins, improvement of blood flow and reduction of inflammation- all key things in order to help the body heal and open the pathways of elimination. When combined with the Far Infrared Mineral Lamp in our office, it magnifies the healing potential significantly and is an amazing tool that can be used before a Colonic, Bio Mat session or any other detox therapy for astounding results. It is particularly suggested for people with chronic constipation, gas and bloating, inflammation or irregular menstrual cycles. It is also used to directly detoxify specific parts of the body- like the liver, digestive tract and joints. Castor Oil Massage: $65

Chi Oxygenating Machine

The Chi Machine stimulates an exclusive body response through gentle “figure 8” oscillation which creates a swinging motion that closely resembles a fish swimming. This oscillation motion maximizes the movement of the body, organs and cells. It creates a balanced, rhythmic relaxing wave-like motion throughout the entire body, thereby oxygenating every single cell and tissue via blood circulation enabling detoxification and rapid healing to occur. It primarily maximizes both physical and mental oxygenation, increases energy, aligns your spine, raises metabolic rate, stimulates the lymphatic system and improves you’re your over all health. Your natural CHI (life force energy) is stimulated and enhanced which thereby creates a peaceful, meditative state of healing and wellness. One 10-minute session on the Chi Machine has the same oxygenation benefits of 1.5 hour of speed walking. Other major health benefits are: Aids digestion and improves elimination, increases lymphatic drainage, relaxes autonomic nervous system, promotes weight loss and increases metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases range of motion and flexibility, relieves stress and promotes deeper, sounder sleep, enhanced detoxification, strengthening the spine, muscles and bones. Eliminate: constipation, migraines, headaches, pain, and blocked energy within the body. We have seen dramatic results with our clients that use the Chi Machine before their Colonic treatment. Because it massages ALL internal organs, including the large and small intestines and stimulates the lymphatic system, the results are remarkable. It is a great add on service to any of our other healing treatments or as a stand-alone treatment. We offer 10 and 20-minute sessions so it is very easy to add it on to your scheduled appointment. Let your therapist know if you are interested. For those of you who want to make the most your time while achieving maximum results we highly recommend trying it and experiencing the results for yourself.
20 Minute Session: $20

Bio Mat Amethyst Treatment

Experience the miraculous healing power of Amethyst and Tourmaline in this profound treatment. By utilizing a tri-synergy system comprised of FAR-INFRARED LIGHT RAYS, NEGATIVE IONS and AMETHYST QUARTZ, the BIO MAT assists in a variety of health challenges as it penetrates deeply into the cells and stimulates the lymphatic and digestive systems. The Bio Mat is a medically patented FDA approved device from Japan which has been proven to alkaline the body, purify blood, and revitalize cell metabolism. This state-of-the art technology reverses degenerative diseases and speeds cellular healing. Amethyst has come to be known as powerful healing crystal with prolific powers that can be characterized as purifying, pacifying and transitional. Amethyst has the ability to transform lower energies into higher and acts as a healer at all levels of mind, body and spirit. Amethyst is used in clearing certain blockages in the Chakras and has the ability to balance and stabilize energies within effected areas of the body. The Bio Mat healing session combines the incredible power of Amethyst, FIR and Negative Ions, and the results are no less than extraordinary. The gentle warmth of the Amethyst Bio Mat Bed gives you an overall massaging effect, soothing jangled nerves and knotted muscles. You will feel rejuvenated and renewed, restored in both body and mind. The deep heat of the Amethyst Bed helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscles and soft tissue injuries. As well as increased blood circulation which stimulates the release of built-up toxins and waste and can help detoxify your body as it rids itself of an accumulation of carcinogenic heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins. Wonderful as a stand alone treatment or an add-on to any of our healing services. It is HIGHLY recommended prior to a Colonic treatment to receive maximum benefit from the treatments.

Bio Amethyst Mat 30 Minute Session: $30
Bio Amethyst Mat 45 Minute Sessions: $45
Bio Amethyst Mat 1 hour session: $60

Native American Ear Coning

Ear candling/coning is completely safe and a useful remedy for relieving sinus pressure, fighting infection, and gently removing toxins and excess wax from inside the ears and sinus passages. Long, tapered cones are inserted into the ears and lit. The entire process is relaxing and non-invasive. Many consider ear coning a spiritual experience and report having less allergies, clearer breathing and less “brain fog” after a session. Treatment Time: 1 hour We recommend a series of 4 Ear Coning sessions (1 per week) for maximum benefit. For more information see our EAR CANDLING PAGE.

Ear Candling Single Session: $90
Ear Candling add on service: $80 with $100 or more of services
Ear Candling Series of 4: $290 ($50 Savings)


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing throughout the entire body. Some of the wonderful health benefits of Reiki are: Reduces blood pressure, Pain relief, supports immune function, accelerates the bodies healing ability, assists the body in getting rid of toxins, increases vitality and postpones the aging process, reduces the side effect of drugs and helps the body recover after surgery or chemotherapy, helps with acute and chronic illness, (asthma, eczema, headaches ect) and is a complimentary therapy both Eastern and Western medicines alike. This service can be used alone or in conjunction with any of our other signature treatments to enhance the desired results. It is heavenly before massage therapy or ear coning. For more information see our REIKI PAGE

Reiki Session: $120 for 75 minutes
Add Medicinal Aromatherapy using Wisdom On The Earth essential oils and Amethyst Bio Mat, additional $25

Services with Rio Elena

To book services with Rio Elena please email riocomaduran@gmail.com or call 860.281.1384

Reiki and Sound Healing

Come enjoy a blissful and healing one hour session (Friday afternoons/Sundays)

$80 for 60 minutes

Hypnotherapy and Quantum Healing

with Rio Elena

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), is a unique hypnosis technique perfected by the late Dolores Cannon. As a level 1 QHHT practitioner, we can do a past life regression and from the deep somnambulistic level of trance, we can then also access the subconscious, to resolve any physical, emotional, or spiritual issues

Quantum Healing Hypnosis: $150 for a 3 hour session


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